Friday, January 02, 2009

30Oct1863, The Tenants' Dinner

HAGLEY, Friday, October 30th, 1863.
— Weather howled again all night and nearly all day. Addresses have poured in-50 tenants dined at the Arms, Papa and Charles Mathews, etc., spoke : M., girls, J., and I came in for a little while to hear them. Charles wisely took the facetious line, as it was plain enough the stolid party wd have been entirely unmoved by any expressions of feeling. As it was, some of them laughed till they were purple, when he said his knowledge of farming consisted chiefly in his being aware that when turnips were good the partridges lay better in them, and that when fences were well kept, he found wounded birds in them the sooner, and was less likely to tumble off when riding at them. The cheers were famous. A great melting away of guests took place, none being left but Lady Estcourt.

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