Saturday, January 03, 2009

13Jan1864, Queen Causes General Acceleration

OSBORNE, Wednesday, January 13th, 1864.
—A little before 5 the Queen returned from Windsor, and what Granny says Miss Skerritt used to call a "general acceleration" seemed to me at once to be observable. Bustling footsteps, doors opening and shutting, the Lady-in-Waiting taking audible possession of the room next mine, unknown men cropping up in the corridor, and all the blazing liveries bursting out. I saw Prss. Helena, but no one else. Household dinner, whereat were Ly. Churchill (the Lady-in-Waiting), Mrs. Bruce, the Biddulphs, M. Holtzmann, and those already in the house, except Countess Blucher. Conversation flowed about the Princess and baby. It is wrapped up in cotton-wool, but thrives and is perfectly formed ; wd have been a very big child if it had waited the proper time. When the Queen arrived there were 7 doctors in the house who had all appeared on the scene just in time to be too late, except Brown, who came in for it all. The name was discussed after dinner ; is to be Albert-Victor, I believe (Albert ought to be Godfather !). Both names much too foreign, as one can't but think, in spite of one's love and veneration for the Queen and Prince.

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