Thursday, January 01, 2009

16Sep1863, Sedate Pleasures

HAGLEY, Wednesday, September 16th, 1863.
—Fine, serene, mild day. At. Coque, Lavinia, and May set out for "Orchard Neville" (late Baltonsborough) en route for Antony ; whose name recalls to me one of the very happiest and merriest weeks in my life. I think these girls much enjoy the prospect, but they enjoy things (especially Lava) as grown-up people do, to whom life has a little outgrown its freshness : take events and pleasures, I mean, with sedateness ; I have never seen them really carried off their legs with excitement, or anything like it. And this is a little sad at their age. Poor pussy's [FN: Lavinia] head discomforts account for a good deal, no doubt.

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