Thursday, January 01, 2009

26Sep1863, Mobs and Riots

HAGLEY, Saturday, September 26th, 1863.
—Lovely golden day, with a few heavy showers, after a night lit up with a harvest moon that dazzled one to look at. I saw a little black cloud, just like an armed man, march up to her in a threatening manner, and vanish into nothing on coming within the influence of her pure and steadfast rays.

To dinner came Sir Th. Philips : disturbances, mobs, and riots were talked of ; and Charles and I showed our ring at recollecting something about the Chartist riots in '48 ; especially how we were sent into the Green Park as likely to be a quiet place, and how yells in the distance drove us home in double quick time. Also there is an impression on both our minds of a bludgeon ; not unnaturally, as Papa was a Special Constable.

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