Friday, January 02, 2009

01Nov1863, Mad Hypotheses

HAGLEY, November 1st, 1863. All Saints' Day, 22nd Sunday after Trinity.
—This was a day of real peace after all our happy but exciting and overpowering week. Dear Sunday comes like a chime of bells over all the bustle of life, with its "sweet thoughts of peace." Uncle B. preached on All Saints, Mr. Stayner on being good. Having a remarkable croak in my voice which reached its climax a day or two back, I had no class, and much enjoyed the leisure. At dinner Ly. Estcourt gave vent to the following singular remark : "If my mother had been a boy, and if I had been a boy, I shd have been Lord Lyttelton !" Which led to a great many mad hypotheses of the same nature.

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