Friday, January 02, 2009

16Nov1863, Godley's Letters From America

HAGLEY, Monday, November 16th, 1863.
—I am reading Mr. Godley's letters to Mr. Adderley with gt interest : there is one in '43, treating of the terrible state of things then—misery of the working classes, and luxury of the upper—which anticipates, as if no one cd be surprised at such a result, an outbreak like the Fr. revolution : and which finds comfort in the Church movement then beginning to make way, as a counteracting and energetic principle opposed to the evils of the time. And to think that we have weathered the storm ! It gives one courage to face all the new and different dangers which are now around us. "Though I am sometime afraid, yet put I my trust in Thee," are words which true Religion and Loyalty might—and do, I think—take for their motto. There must be mighty prayers shielding our country, and much faith and love leavening it, or there could not be in it such life and earnestness working among all its terrible sin and darkness.

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