Saturday, January 03, 2009

07Jan1864, Meriel's Third Baby

HAMPTON COURT, Thursday, January 7th, 1864.
— A commission or two, and then came the comfort and delight of driving to dear George St., going up to the baby's room, and having my 1st sight of her, hearing my old darling's voice calling me and finding her on her sofa in her pretty room, all warm and snug in the firelight : a picture of peace and brightness ! And such a delightful 2 hours of talk as followed : all my excitement and perturbation are stroked down ; Osborne itself puts on a less awful face ; for old Meriel has a calm good judgment and serenity about her that infect me. The baby is a decidedly improved version of George [FN: Mr. Justice Talbot.] at the same age, the same fair skin, shapely little head, and besides tiny taper hands ; but she is a great deal larger and has a prettier mouth. Of all dear couples George and Mary are certainly the dearest. He greeted me with the most beaming smiles and hugged me in his soft arms, knowing me perfectly but not coming out with my name for some time. His talk is ridiculously fluent, as is proper indeed for the eldest of three !—himself not 3, however, till June. He is a regular Talbot, both in looks and ways. I asked him if Xmas was gone. " It's not gone, it's come." On my becoming a horse for him to ride, he immediately became a tiger to jump upon me. When he was consulted as to the baby's name he at once suggested Bison.

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