Wednesday, August 05, 2009

25Jun1867, A Smart Gown of High Fashion

LONDON, June 25th, 1867.
—I with Papa to the Royal Ball, where I danced with Althorp ! Wore a smart yellow gown of high fashion ; clinging to one's hips, perfectly flat in front and magnificently tailed behind.

22Jun1867, Dining Without F

LONDON, June 22nd, 1867.
—Wretched me had to dine alone at the D. of Cleveland's (F. having imagined he should be with his Yeomanry, which Parliament prevented). Lord Clanricarde took me in ! Afterwards together (not Lord C. and I !) to Ly. M. Beaumont's.

19Jun1867, Luncheon with the Hon. and Rev. Stanley

LONDON, June 19th, 1867.
—Who should come to luncheon with me but first Aunt C., and then the Hon. and Rev. Algernon Stanley [FN: Now Bishop of Emmaus, and Canon of St. Peter's at Rome], who used rather to like me. He has been Curate at Kidderminster under dear Mr. Claughton, and presents the bewildering spectacle of a High Church Stanley of Alderley. Liked him much.

18Jun1867, Lecky and Rationalism

LONDON, June 18th, 1867.
—Dined at Mr. Phillips's, meeting Professor Tyndall, a very agreeable Scotch enthusiastic man of science, and Mr. Lecky, author of what I have an intuitive feeling is a shallow tho' clever book on "The Progress of Rationalism" ; a rather affected-looking fair man, with long hair and over-innocent expression ! [FN: Lecky kept just this appearance to the end of his life, and so provided great play to the caricaturists when he was in the House of Commons] Concert at the Palace ; Princess Alice did the honours ; is very thin, but looks nice.

16Jun1867, No Celebration at Baslow

CHATSWORTH, June 16th, 1867.
—The anniversary of my first Communion. Alas ! there was no Celebration at Baslow. God help me to be more full of faith and earnestness, as I was then ! I walked with the gentlemen by Calton Leas. Up through Lindup which was still gloriously blue with hyacinths.