Friday, January 02, 2009

04Dec1863, An Argument with Ld. Frederic

CHATSWORTH, Friday, December 4th, 1863.
—Fine, though grey. We came here, arriving about 12½. Saw nobody till luncheon time. Walked after luncheon very pleasantly to the rabbit-warren, whence the view was lovely, lit up with a sort of sunless brightness. Found a number of gentlemen shooting there. At dinner I got into an argument with Ld. Frederic Cavendish on the Church, which excited and interested me. I don't think I was wrong, as I did not introduce the topic on purpose ; but I wish I had been somebody who cd have convinced him !
Round game. There are here the Duke and Ly. Louisa, Ld. F. and Ld. Edward, Mr. and Ly. Fanny Howard and their 2 daughters, Ld. and Ly. George Cavendish, and their daughter, lately married to Mr. A. Egerton, Ly. Caroline Lascelles and her 3 daughters, of whom Emma [FN: Afterwards Lady Edward Cavendish ; mother of the present Duke of Devonshire.] is a new Maid-of-Honour like me, with her 1st waiting, however, still to come.

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