Sunday, January 07, 2007

27May1862, John Talbot is Beaten for Kidderminster

LONDON, Tuesday, May 27th, 1862.
—Alas, alas, after a long day of suspense, we heard of John's [FN: Talbot had stood for Kidderminster] being beaten by 8; which 8 are said to have cost the Liberal side £2,000! Who was to stand against such gross bribery? I spent the day in G. St., going for bkfast, and felt something like the excitement of the day the baby was born. John has made a famous fight, spoken admirably, and covered himself with laurels ; he will get in when next time there is a chance. This day has comfortably settled my hazy politics. The old dear was wise enough not to be sanguine, but of course it was a horrid blow. The numbers were : White, 228 ; Talbot, 220. Gay ball at Ly. Caroline Kerrison's, where, in spite of a new gown, I danced Once ; with Mr. Lefevre.

25May1862, In a Hansom

LONDON, 5th Sunday after Easter, May 25th, 1862.
— Aftn. M. (sister Meriel) and I got into a hansom to go to All Saints' ; the man was pleased to go all down Piccadilly and round by Park Lane into Oxford St. When we landed at last, who shd we get out in the very eye of but Lord Cowper, who was probably shocked at the sight. [FN: Long after this it was not considered quite "proper" for young ladies to go in hansoms.] Such a crowd that I had to do without a chair.

17May1862, Amusing Squash

LONDON, Saturday, May 17th, 1862.
—Amusing squash at Lady Palmerston's, saw Ld. Shaftesbury [FN: The philanthropist] sporting his new Garter, Ld. and Ly. Carnarvon. Oh dear ! why do I begin going thro' the names ?

18May1862, Dressums, Ballums, Fidgetums, Seasonums

LONDON, 4th Sunday aft. Easter, May 18th, 1862.
— Sultry. 0 how nice Sunday is ! I really do get rid almost entirely of dressums, ballums, fidgetums and seasonums generally. In the morning I went with Miss Syfret to S. Peter's Church, Windmill St., the laying the 1st stone of which by Ld. Derby I remember so well in '60 : it was the day Papa began to get better. Fine solid lofty church, well attended, hearty singing and clever sermon, ending beautifully, on Right and False ideas of Christ : only went too much, I think, into ancient and modern heresies, which bewilder and distress one to little purpose. All Saints' in aft. Aggy and I walked alone with Herbert [FN: The youthful Herbert Gladstone, then eight years old, was evidently not considered a sufficient guardian!] and a footman ! The beautiful hymn "Abide with me" sung. St. St. [FN: Stratton Street, where her grandmother lived] only, alack ! no Papa, who is commissioning. Dear Sunday refreshment ! I hope it will "abide with me" through the week.

14May1862, One Was Amused

LONDON, Wednesday, May 14th, 1862.
—N.E. wind. Got up abt 10 ; had a pleasant ride with Agnes and Uncle Henry at 12 1/2, when Rotten Row is at its fullest : we shot many acquaintance. Dull concert at Ly. Harrington's, I mean the music was dull : one was amused somehow, and Meriel and Mrs. Talbot were there, tho' not within speaking distance. Col. Feilding (the hare) shook hands with me: his brother, the other Col., has just married Ly. L. Thynne. Party at the Dss. of Northumberland ; the Japanese ambassadors, dreadful monsters, came.