Friday, October 02, 2009

03Mar1868, Smart Little Party

LONDON, March 3rd, 1868.
—Smart little party with singing at Stafford House that we were obliged to go to, against my will ; the Prince and Princess there, she wonderfully well, and walking with only a little stiffness ; I believe she expects another baby !

28Feb1868, The Flirting of Married Women

LONDON, February 28th, 1868.
—St. James's, where Lord Arthur Hervey preached, making a lashing attack upon the state of society, the fastness and extravagance and absence of modesty in dress and manner ; the flirting of married women and all the mass of self-indulgence and pleasure-seeking. I don't mean he used these very expressions, but he was plain-spoken ; and it is all terribly true.

25Feb1868, Dizzy: Lord High Conjuror

LONDON, February 25th, 1868.
—Great news ! Lord Derby has resigned, owing to broken health ; and the Lord High Conjuror has got to the top of the ladder, viz., Dizzy is Prime Minister ! ! His party take it with a bad grace. I wonder how the Queen likes it.

04Feb1868, Limehouse Distress

HOLKER, February 4th, 1868.
—I heard from Miss Lilley ; the Limehouse distress has been terrible; men fainting at their work when they got a job, or having to stay at home next day from exhaustion ; and yet the neighbouring districts have been worse off. God help them.

01Feb1868, Reluctant Sons

HOLKER, February 1st, 1868.
—The energetic Duke carried off his rather reluctant sons to brave storms, shooting Ellerside.

13Jan1868, Notions About Ireland

MARSEILLES, January 13th, 1868.
—Last Saturday F. told me of some notions of his about Ireland. This miserable Fenianism makes one think much of its rights and wrongs, though of course it is the outbreak of only the worst and most reckless people. He has always been for the disestablishing of the Church, on the simplest ground of justice to the large majority. The other great grievance being the land tenures, and the thing to be aimed at being the giving the Irish an interest in the soil and some security of tenure, he would make them permanent tenants, as long as they paid fixed rents, to be settled upon according to income-tax.

25Dec1867, High Mass

ROME, Christmas Day, 1867.
—We went to the 9 o'clock celebration of the Holy Communion at our own ch. and then to S. Peter's for the High Mass. The elevation, and all the showing of the consecrated ele¬ments to the people, was excessively painful to one ; I followed the service as well as I could in a missal, and, the more one was able to join and feel with the service, the more distressing was the terrible shock that the notion of Transubstantiation gives one. The ceremonial is certainly impressive, but would be much more so, I think, if they would only do away with the ward¬robe part of it, and leave the Pope and Cardinals in gorgeous vestments if they please, but in statu quo. It is impossible too not to see that all the outward worship (except of the Host) centres in the Pope. The music was lovely, but altogether I was pained and grieved, and tired out with conflicting feelings.

24Dec1867, Unbonneting of the Pope

ROME, Christmas Eve, 1867.
—We went to S. Pietro in Vinculo and the Lateran again, Sta Croce in Gerusalemme and S. Martino in Monte ; at 3 to the Papal Vespers in the Sistine Chapel, very unimpressive and wardrobey, with the perpetual bonneting and unbonneting of the Pope, and mutual bowings and curtseyings. The singing fine, but music very stiff and crabbed ; the Pope intoned well.