Saturday, October 30, 2010

05Oct1873, Edward's Vision: An Eton Master

LONDON, October 5th, 1873. 17th Sunday after Trinity. —
Had the great pleasure of spending the day at Eton with darling old Edward and Alfred. Edwd. looking thin and Alfred hectic, from the exertion of playing football in the late great heat. Saw Spencer in S. George's, and walked with him round about Granny's beloved Windsor Castle and my beloved too. The very sight of its outside brings rushes of very romantic memories over me! Had luncheon at the White Hart with the boys and walked with them between services in the Park. Talked with Edwd. of his vision of being an Eton master [FN: Edward Lyttelton became a master, and ultimately Head Master of Eton.]; I wish it may come to pass. Second service in Eton Chapel—singing very nice to what it was. Such a nice day, pleasant to look back upon. Got home to dinner, and entertained Uncle W. and Willy; Uncle W. agog upon perversions; gave us a brilliant history of the rise and development of Confession in the Roman Church from the earliest period to the present time! which ought to have been "taken down."

30Sep1873, Irving in "Richelieu"

LONDON, Tuesday, September 30th, 1873.
—We went with Alfred Howard and Spencer to see "Richelieu" with Irving; he was excellent, tho' too like a swearing cat at times.

24Sep1873, Letters of Sarah, Lady Lyttelton

CHATSWORTH, Wednesday, September 24th, 1873.
—The Dean has now pounced upon the book, and is in raptures over it; goes off about it to me on every opportunity. Wants us to present it to the Queen, who, he is sure, will greatly like it, in spite of one or two little things which may take her aback.

[FN: Dean Wellesley, of Windsor. The book was the privately printed Letters of her grandmother Sarah, Lady Lyttelton.]

19Sep1873, Sweet Converse With Tallee

CHATSWORTH, Friday, September 19th, 1873.
—I have sweet converse with Tallee. Va is a good-tempered cheery thing, with a funny little face rather like an apple that has been hung a few minutes to roast.