Saturday, January 03, 2009

11Jan1864, Pitying the Royals

Monday, January 11th, 1864.
—Grey and mild. Miss Bowater and I rode very pleasantly with Prss. Louise, I on a nice little horse called Claudio. I was got up regardless of expense in a splendid new Wehnerhausen habit, with the horrid fashionable swallow-tail, and a chimney-pot ! which was so good as to fly off. Prss. Louise spoke of her father more than once, and mentioned one thing which touched one much. Speaking of the trees he had planted, he said once to the Queen : "I shall never see my trees grow up." "0, why not ?" said the Queen. "You wd only be 60 ; that isn't so very old." "No," he repeated, "I shall never see them grow up." And Ly. Caroline said that he always knew, if he had a fever, that he shd never recover from it. I walked in the grounds after luncheon with the Prss., which was a little dull, especially as a new boot pinched me ; and I cd not help pitying all these Royal people who are never allowed to go out of their own domain, Miss B. and I during the ride raving of country-house visiting. "I should like it !" said the Prss., half hesitatingly. "Ah, that is one thing we are deprived of." Goodness ! life must be rather monotonous. Excellent accts again : and the Princess of Wales delights in her baby. Poor tiny infant, how little it guesses of its great future, supposing it is to live !

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