Friday, January 02, 2009

09Dec1863, A Capital Little Dance

HAWARDEN, Wednesday, December 9th, 1863.
—A slight touch of frost. Arrived Ly. De Tabley and her 2 daughters, Ly. Louisa and the Miss Pennants, Ly. and Miss Seymour, Ld. Brabazon, Messrs. Tracy, L'Estrange, Stopford, Ross, Finch (the last 3 caught at Hagley by Atie. Pussy !), and then 2 Robertson Gladstone eldest sons. We had a capital little dance : I was asked by Messrs. Tollemache, L'Estrange, Hugh Gladstone, Ross, Stopford, Lds. F. Cavendish and Brabazon. Such was the number to-night that I went to evening church instead of to dinner ! to save space.

Odd subjects sometimes come uppermost when hardly to be expected : I have been discussing Church questions with Ld. F., and the end not justifying the means with Mr. Tollemache, in re charity balls and bazaars.

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