Sunday, December 28, 2008

12Sep1863, Beginning to Like Court Life

WINDSOR, Saturday, September 12th, 1863.
—Fine, but rather misty and Novembery. I have got rid of "les vapeurs" and begin rather to like Court life ! I asked leave to go to S. George's in the morning (more like a peggy than ever ! " Please'm, may I go out for an hour ? "). Little I thought on the great marriage day when I shd next be in the glorious Chapel ! The singing lovely. Anthem, "0 sing joyfully," not very pretty. Then came my own room. At luncheon were several Privy Councillors. Ld. Palmerston, his beauty much impaired by particularly bad slate-coloured false teeth, the D. of Newcastle, looking ill, Ld. Granville, Sir George Grey, Sir Andrew Buchanan. Horatia rode with Prss. Helena and P. Arthur. The Queen went, unattended, to plant a new oak in the place of Herne's oak, which has lately fallen. I walked with Ly. Ely from 5 till 4 to 7 : she sent a cold chill through me by saying I shd very likely dine with the Queen to-morrow. Sir T. Biddulph and Ly. Augusta Bruce dined : Ly. Biddulph came in the evening. The same party, transposing Sir Thomas for Gen. Seymour, played whist. Prss. Louise sent for Horatia, and cried and sobbed at the thoughts of losing her on Monday, after their long bit at Osborne together. The same soft heart and quick affections that Granny found in the elder ones. Letters : fr. Papa, Atie. P., Meriel. To Atie. P., At. C. and At. Yaddy. The sentries presented arms to Ly. Ely and me ! misled by the Queen's little dog, who was with us, and who doubtless took all the honour to himself.

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