Sunday, August 16, 2009

28Sep1867, The New Steam-Plough

HOLKER, September 28th, 1867.
—Walked to see the new steam-plough, which did remind me vividly of Tennyson's old farmer's description : "Huzzin and maazin the blessed fealds wi' the divil's own te├ám." However, in spite of a hitch or two, it did manage to do 4 deep furrows at a time, which no doubt is striking.

26Aug1867, Famous Lyttelton Cricket

HAGLEY, August 26th, 1867.
—Got to old Hagley before 12. The Bromsgrove side were in, hitting very well. Papaa in flannels taking immense pains, fielding (I think) at short slip [FN: This was one of the matches played by eleven Lytteltons.]. Uncle Spencer, in magenta flannels, sitting on a bench as a distant long-stop, did two balls the honour of fielding them. Uncle B. running about rather vaguely. All the boys fielding capitally (except Bob who was no great shakes) ; little Edward really admirable, never missing a ball, and throwing them in as neatly and quickly as possible. Papa, to his infinite delight, caught out the last wicket, and we went in with 151 to get. Alfred's batting was truly excellent ; his defence being wonderful. They began sending him slow balls out of kindness, but soon found he was up to anything. Arthur made two or 3 very fine slashing hits, especially a drive which showed great strength.

24Aug1867, Playing Cricket Scientifically

BLITHFIELD, August 24th, 1867.
—Hot and lovely. Another thrilling cricket match ! The H. Meynells came over and I had the honour and gratification of bowling him out twice with a scientific, slow shooter ! !

21Aug1867, Papa's Episcopate Bill

BLITHFIELD, August 21st, 1867.
—The idiotic Peers have thrown out Papa's episcopate Bill as it came up from the Commons, because they won't have Bishops without a seat in the H. of Lords. It is a true, bitter criticism on this, that it is clear the wretched Peerage is the valuable thing about a Bishop !

17Aug1867, Remembering Mother

HOLKER, August 17th, 1867.
—The holy day to us all sacred to the blessed memory of what is past for ever. Ten years ago ! and yet at any time I can open the full tide of tears over the precious record of those last Days. [FN: Her mother died August 17, 1857.]

13Aug1867, A Delirious Scream

HOLKER, August 13th, 1867.
—We have begun "The Claverings." Also F. spouted to me a wonderfully delirious scream by Carlyle in Macmillan called "Shooting Niagara and after?"

11Aug1867, Lovelyissimus Major

HOLKER, August 11th, 1867.
F. and I went between services to Middle Bigland Scar, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was lovelyissimus : beyond lovelyissimus major.

05Aug1867, Good-bye to My Poor Old Men

LONDON, August 5th, 1867.
—I said good-bye to my poor old men. Some I shall never see again. One, who suffers terribly and patiently, liked hearing me read the beautiful bits in Revelation to him, and said at the end : "Light—always light !—no sorrow—no pain," and I know the words were as ointment poured forth to his poor heart. These things are more to one than all the sermons in the world.