Friday, January 02, 2009

02Nov1863, A Dinnery Given by the Gentry

HAGLEY, Monday, November 2nd, 1863.
—Alas, alas, exeunt Granny, At. Coque, and Ly. Estcourt. Granny has been here 4 months, with a short interval. A dinner was given to Papa and Ch. by the gentry, which was as successful as everything else, only poor old Charles at last made one recollect that it was his 7th speech on the subject, and hesitated a little ; but ended well with some pretty words about his love for the place and neighbourhood. "The retired medical man," who has been all along beside himself with enthusiasm, was there, clapping fervently. On its being suggested that "the ladies" ought to have some wine, he flew up to me with a glass of claret, and such were his feelings that he could utter nothing but "I hope . . ." Mike Grazebrook was in the chair, and spoke at some length quite remarkably well and strikingly. Old John, at a moment's warning, had to propose the Army, Navy, Yeomanry, and Volunteers, and did it capitally. As we came home, we found, to our grief, that one of the fine old avenue elms had been blown down right across the road, and indeed the wind has been tremendous. Granny's health was drunk, Papa returning thanks beautifully.

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