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13May1858, Bishop Cotton Consecrated

LONDON, May 13th, 1858.
—We saw Cotton, Bishop of Calcutta , consecrated in Westminster Abbey, by Canterbury and 8 other Bishops. Most beautiful to see the united hands blessing the new Bishop, and much indeed does he need prayer and blessing for the weighty and responsible work before him, in that troubled and rebellious land.

The service lasted 5 hours, for there was a somewhat tedious sermon, and the Holy Communion, at which there were 400 ; it was very striking and perfect, in that glorious old Abbey, fit indeed for high services offered to God in the beauty of holiness, as to-day.

10May1858, Princess Royal

LONDON, May 10th, 1858.
—We tramped waiting in vain for a sight of the Queen. The dear Princess Royal begged Lady Raglan to tell Granny how happy she was ; she is extremely popular, and loved by everyone. God bless her !

09May1858, The Miss Fortescues

LONDON, May 9th, 1858.
—We met the 3 eldest Miss Fortescues after service, all alike : sallow, long-nosed, brown-eyed individuals. The third is just out. Althorp was at church, and so was Miss Seymour, but we didn't see her, much to my disappointment.

06May1858, Althorp is to Marry

LONDON, May 6th, 1858.
—There was a breakfast. [FN: This, I think, means a meeting of the Breakfast Club, a society of "intellectuals" who breakfasted together from time to time.] Poor Papa had an attack of influenza ; he has never been poorly so long together I should think. Now for a good bit of news. Althorp is to marry Miss Charlotte Seymour ! who is good, lovely, darkish, not over tall, and everything delightful. Edward T. is going on well, his pulse improving, and his appetite better. Such a blessing. A delightful concert at St. James's Hall which is most magnificent.

04Apr1858, Church Twice

HAGLEY, April 4th, Easter Sunday, 1858.
—Tolerably fine, more chilly. Such a sermon of Uncle Billy's, sounding inspired in parts, going into great heights and depths. Church twice.

13Mar1858, Deep Blue Distance

HAGLEY, March 13th, 1858.
—Delightful stirring S. wind ; rainy, with flying clouds : deep blue distance ; snow disappearing ; my cold at a climax.

10Mar1858, Played at Battledore

HAGLEY, March 10th, 1858.
—We played at battledore and shuttlecock, went to the church, and to see a newborn family of rabbits. I read Is. LIII to Nanny. Mg. and Evg. services : a good sermon at the latter.

03Mar1858, A Visit to Althorp

ALTHORP, March 3rd, 1858.
—We came to Althorp, where we were last four years ago, just before Bobbie's (6th Earl Spencer) birth ; the account is in the first volume of my journal, which I have lost, alas ! We seem to have stood apart during these four years and watched the rapid changes. When we were here then, Aunt Yaddy was Tallee's friend Miss Seymour, Uncle Fritz sat at the head of the table, the house was full of company and amuse¬ment but at grave moments the shadows of the two first great griefs one might still fancy hanging over the place. Now, there is a young widow with two babies beside her, and Tallee is an orphan. And we, children then, grief never known to us, and feeling strange and grown up in being away from Papa and Mamma. Now, coming with Papa, alone, bringing our own heavy sorrow into this changed and sorrowful house. God be thanked we knew not what was coming !

Such dear little children. Victoria says next to nothing, but in a tiny bell-like voice, and compensates for her extreme ugliness by the most winning signs and movements, pointing and gesticulating with a pair of fairy hands, or with little rounded wrists. The baby fair and pretty, placid and happy with everyone.

02Feb1858, Peerage of 1854

HAGLEY, February 2nd, 1858.
—We have got a '54 Peerage, wherein I diligently insert alterations gleaned from The Times' births, deaths, and marriages, chiefly in the sanguine hope of improving my knowledge of people's families, titles, relations, and circumstances. To-day there was the birth of a son to Honble. Mrs. Brand, daughter-in-law of the house of Dacre, and the marriage of a great-niece of that of Mar and Kellie to a stick in Siam. There ! I trust I shall remember them.

[FN: What sort of gentleman a "stick in Siam" is I have no idea !]

29Jan1858, The Sepoys

HAGLEY, January 29th, 1858.
—Very good and interesting letter of Eddy Watson's ; only rather horrid his saying he could almost like to see the sepoys tortured : as Granny said, the logic of the day seems : " Oh, how horrible the conduct of these sepoys ! What diabolical cruelty ! what villainy ! Let's go and do exactly the same ! "

15Jan1858, Relief of Lucknow

HAGLEY, January 15th, 1858.
—Still more magnificent Sir C. Campbell's Relief of Lucknow, the whole population of which, garrison, women, children, wounded, and sick, he brought out, unhurt every one.

14Jan1858, The Siege of Lucknow

HAGLEY, January 14th, 1858.
—We read Inglis' account of the siege of Lucknow, which will be a great historical name, therefore I need not give details. It is more like the siege of Londonderry than anything, and gives one sure and exulting confidence in the nobleness of English hearts and hands.

01Jan1858, A Prayer

HAGLEY, January 1st, 1858.
—Do we but cling on to the Chain of Thine Everlasting Mercy, we are sure of the Blessing—through life, in death ; for neither life nor death can separate us from that unutterable Love which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. A day exactly like yesterday in weather, most beautiful.

29Dec1857, Uncle Fritz Dies

HAGLEY, December 29th, 1857.
—Alas ! Granny was too late. ! Uncle Fritz died an hour after she left Hagley, for he had no strength of constitution to resist the illness. And the short brightness of Althorp is clouded —sorrow has come upon them at the height of their happiness. Tallee and Althorp are lonely orphans, and the two little children are fatherless. Poor Aunt Yaddy, only two months ago rejoicing in her little son, who came to gladden his father's eyes, so short a time before they were to close

27Dec1857, Granny Summoned to Althorp

HAGLEY, December 27th, 1857.
—A telegraph with most alarming accounts from Althorp summoning poor Granny.

18Dec1857, Lord John

HAGLEY, December 18th, 1857.
—High soft wind. Papa rode with Lord John. He said there were ripe natural strawberries and raspberries a month ago. I walked with Miss Smith : began Thierry's " Norman Conquest." Lord John gave Charles (his godson) a perfect little leather case, containing Bible, Prayer Book, and Christian Year.

17Dec1857, A Visit From Lord John

HAGLEY, December 17th, 1857.
—Lord John Manners came.

05Nov1857, Beset With Dangers

HAWARDEN, November 5th, 1857.
—We feel like living beset with dangers ; great fears for St. John's, for a man keeps skulking about it. However they are on the watch. All the clergy are sending for 6-barrelled revolvers ; Uncle Henry has his gardener under his stairs, and Mr. Austin sows gunpowder on his window sills : he will probably blow up. The Rate gives 1000, (from editor: i.e. £1000 for restoration of the church) so there is over 3000. Such weather.