Thursday, January 01, 2009

19Oct1863, More Preparations

HAGLEY, Monday, October 19th, 1863.
—Most delightfully soft and warm, though cloudy all day. I went to Birmingham, after oilcloth, satin shoes, blotting-books, winter jackets for the girls, and a print for Nevy. The gallery floor begins to assume a lovely light toffee hue, by dint of rubbing. At. Yaddy came. It's odd to see her here in autumn, and without her little couple, who are recruiting at Brighton. She is full of the departure of the Spencers, who have set off for Egypt with Tallee, he having not recovered all his strength after inflammation of the lungs. Thus we lose the three people we most wanted for the do-ment (Mary Page's forcible word for doings). Letters : fr Albert and Bob. I missed Church.

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