Thursday, January 01, 2009

18Sep1863, Sankoo

HAGLEY, Friday, September 18th, 1863.
—Busy most of the morning after church in going over the rooms with Elly : we shall be 30 in the house, besides servants, if we live till dread October. Played at billiards with At. E. and afterwards walked parochially with her. Took a partridge to Mrs. Stringer, who held up her hands in speechless bliss before bursting into gratitude —poor old body. Met sweet Mary and Annie Herbert in their little white sun-bonnets, out of which they look at one with shining open eyes of a kind peculiar, I think, to tiny maidens under 5. Said their new sister was to be called Lucy. "Is baby well?" "Ess, sankoo." Also took pudding to the Mrs. Meredith with twins, which have both lived after all.

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