Monday, February 21, 2011

26Nov1878, Guests at Chatsworth

CHATSWORTH, November 26th–December st, 1878.
—Much raw cold, nevertheless, to my joy, my Fred mended decidedly. He doesn't shoot, however. Very pleasant week; arrived Georgy Grenfell, and daughters: Lena is a dear little chum of mine, and Constance, just grown up, a very attractive, handsome creature, a little like Gerty, but far softer and more graceful: Mintos with their very taking son Arthur (wooden leg) [FN: Hon. Arthur Elliot, afterwards a well-known politician, and Editor of the Edinburgh Review; a man of great charm and distinction.]; old Richmond, excellent company always. He and "Dicky Doyle" very good fun going over the Sketches together, going into poetic raptures over legs and arms, and other more interesting things, and poking fun at each other about which should have first choice for War Exhibitions. Dufferins: a great break to see them: excellent company both of them. The Lorries have just arrived in Canada, after a hideous passage. They seem to have consulted the Dufferins much, as well they might, for the Dufferin reign has been a grand success.

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