Monday, February 21, 2011

04Nov1878, Sunday Out to Longleat

BATH, November 4th-10th, 1878.
—Saturday we had the break of going to Longleat for a "Sunday out." Drove from Warminster; woods lovely. Find Count Nesselrode, and Mr. Horner who knew all my brothers at school. I delight in the noble hall.

Sun.—Rained with little intermission. Morning service in a most gaunt and hideous chapel in the house; drove in the afternoon to Church where a missioner with a clever, noble face, Mr. Bates, preached strikingly. The 3 girls and darling boykin of 7 are here: the 2 elder girls very pretty, especially the 2nd; the boy Alexander very like my recollection of Lord Herbert. Count Nesselrode a very agreeable old gig, with a great round stomach; slips about from English to French in the oddest style, but talks alike political scandal and gossip in both.

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