Monday, February 21, 2011

17Mar1879, The Queen at a Wedding

LONDON, March 17th-23rd, 1879.
—To think of my never having mentioned March 13th, when Mrs. Byng bore me off with her to see the Duke of Connaught's marriage, in the nave of S. George's, Windsor, just as I saw the Prince of Wales's. Lord Weymouth, [FN: Now 5th Marquess of Bath.] a very nice and very handsome boy, was a good deal with us. It was a most stately and beautiful sight: a day of floods of sunshine, old Windsor looking as Granny used to delight to describe it. The bride has a very winning countenance, full of character, yet youthful and innocent-looking: nice dark eyes. The historical sights were her father the redoubtable "Red Prince," a commanding-looking man (they say a ruffian in his home), and a much more noble and great man, the Crown Prince of Germany in his white uniform. Our dear Princess Royal was in good looks, being thinner; their eldest son,[FN: Afterwards German Emperor.] an ugly fellow, was with them; and there was a funny little brother of the Duchess of Connaught, about 9 years old, just like her in face, and as set-up and grave as a commander-in-chief in his little military uniform. The Princess of Wales looked lovely, Prince George at her side with his waggish round face, and the 3 pretty little Princesses marching in front of her. They are at a trying age for the skimp fashionable smart frocks, out of which their poor thin little elbows and legs peeped rather disconsolately, and their noses are too long! Prince Eddy is a beautiful boy, nearly as tall as Princess Beatrice, beside whom he walked, supporting the Queen, who took her full part in the ceremonial, and walked as grandly as ever, looking her best in long sweeping black and white, and a diamond coronet; tho' I do think H.M. has grown down and is a shorter woman than ever. Martial music, trumpets, grand organ marches—all stately. We saw them drive off to Claremont.

19th. Very successful concert at Grosvenor House, in aid of Hawarden orphanage. Joachim played 2 things for love. Thence I drove off to Brompton Consumption Hospital to see a young widow in whom Tallee is interested, quite dying, and aware of it, but very cheerful. Such are the magic-lantern slides of one's London life.

—Thurs., 20th. P.M.W. at No. 21. Dined with Ly. James, meeting W. E. G.s.

—21st. F. and I walked behind Dizzy on his way to the House; it was curious to see how every passer-by turned to look at him. A grisly sight he is, with his blue-grey colour and sham old black curls; he was drest like a well-to-do Old Clo' man, in a long light grey coat and loud trousers, and walked very infirmly.

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