Saturday, February 26, 2011

23Feb1880, Burne-Jones and Matthew Arnold

LONDON, February 23rd-29th, 1880.
—D. at Ly. Stanley of Alderley's, and had a P.B. [FN: I.e. Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.] neighbour in the shape of Burne-Jones the painter. He was interesting, but desperately self-conscious. Rather maundered about Mazy, of whom he has made a marvellously clever, idealized sketch. After d. much talk with Matthew Arnold, who was interested about Alfred, whom he has lately met. He talked of his coming as Marshal to Hagley with his father-in-law Judge Whiteman [FN: The judge's name was Wightman.] and old Baron Alderson: I vividly remember it, and the dislike I took to him!

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