Saturday, February 26, 2011

01Dec1879, No End of Luxury

WENTWORTH, [FN: Lord Fitzwilliam's house] December 1st - 7th, 1879.
—To a political do-ment at Shipley on Monday, the hospitable Titus Salts putting us up at Milner Field, amid no end of luxury.

—Tuesday. To Wentworth, where we met Thompson Hankeys, agreeable old birds, Ly. Gwendolen Ramsden, a die-away dull woman, like an old Indian, and her very handsome niece Hilda Graham. Pleasant little visit. Netty and Katie are here. The nice creatures Alice and Alby Fitzwilliam, and Katie, befriended my lame leg and carried me about ladies' cushion; likewise I was taken round in a go-cart to see the pictures. Noble, noble Vandycks; and such historical subjects — Strafford, Laud, Charles II at 14 especially. Was audience, too, to fine old Bible of the stout-hearted Countess of Derby, with her notes and lamentations about Charles I's execution, etc. Meant to try and skate, but aggravated my leg afresh by a slip on the stairs.

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