Saturday, February 26, 2011

23Feb1880, Transvaal and Sister Dora

LONDON, February 23rd-29th, 1880.
—Mr. Gurdon was at dinner, just back from S. Africa, and confirming a most grubous letter lately had from Col. Lanyon who is administering the Transvaal. According to him, whether the annexation of the Transvaal was right or wrong, we have put all the fat in the fire now, by leaving it for nearly 3 years (regardless of promises) minus any constitution whatever; and the whole country is now full of discontent and fury, fanned by lying agitators. Both he and Mr. Gurdon stand up for Sir Bartle and think the arrival of Sir Garnet to supersede everybody a great mistake. Uncle W. had hardly breath to bestow on politics, being clean possessed by a wonderful "Life" just published, "Sister Dora." [FN: "Sister Dora" was a sister of Mark Pattison, the famous Rector of Lincoln, who was not much pleased at the fuss made about her.] He sent a copy to the D. of Argyll, and they both talked of it 19 to the dozen. When Southwark was lost, he wrote to somebody, "I should be very unhappy about Southwark, if it wasn't for Sister Dora!"

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