Saturday, February 26, 2011

15Mar1880, H. Gladstone Contests Middlesex

LONDON, March 15th-2st, 1880.
—We went on Palm Sunday with Alfred, who came to breakfast, to great S. Paul's for the glorious full service. Mr. Balfour came to luncheon and tea. Evensong at S. Margaret's. Canon Farrar preacht a fine sermon on Jonah.

Herbert Gladstone has been pounced upon to contest Middlesex !—all his expenses paid. It is a bold thing, Ld. Geo. Hamilton and Mr. Coope being supposed to be as strong as may be; but the Liberal spirit seems growing every day. Lavinia, Mazy, Sybella, and I went to hear him speak at a meeting at Acton Saturday: he did famously well, and Alfred made a capital little speech at the end, backing him: so like Papa he looked ! only so young and buoyant.

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