Saturday, February 26, 2011

24Nov1879, Short Supply of Young Ladies

CHATSWORTH, November 24th-30th, 1879.
—A very lively, pleasant week; its only weak point a short supply of young ladies: poor Edith Howard, a daughter of Sir John and Ly. Elizabeth St. Aubyn, and Lena Grenfell formed the staple. Major Burke (Edw.) and his bewitching wife (née Hatch, in India), Ld. Northbrook and daughter, Shannons, St. Aubyns and daughter, Trevelyans, Seymour Hadens [FN: Sir Seymour Haden, the etcher, advocated a particular method of burial.] and daughter—he the great etcher and wicker-coffin man, and very agreeable, girl clever. Frost and snow. My Fred 43 on the 30th; he is very well and up to things; but alas ! still given to aches in the back. Uncle W. is on his Midlothian campaign, making one grand speech after another, the finest, most brilliant, and most unanswerable one on Saturday, pitching into the Government finance. The old wasp Roebuck is dead.

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