Monday, February 21, 2011

08Jun1879, Wretched Little Chapel

AIX-LES-BAINS, June 8th-14th, 1879.
—Would be hot but for delightful light air. Pleasant little Sunday walk towards Marlioz; threats of thunder sent us home. Wretched little chapel so crammed we could only get places in the morning by going early. The Chaplain (Mr. Phelps) having a voice like holystoning decks, and accordingly thinking fit to shout, I wrote him a polite anonymous note, intimating that there was an echo, and that he was much better heard when he spoke low! Grieved I am very, when abroad, at the efforts of the English chapel arrangements to give as far as possible the impression that we neither believe in, nor belong to, the Holy Catholic Church; in spite of the Apostles' Creed, which, I am thankful to say, even the Colonial and Continental don't omit from the services.

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