Monday, February 21, 2011

09Dec1878, Little Mary Talbot and the E.Q.

FALCONHURST, December 9th-15th, 1878.
Little Mary [FN: Mary Talbot, afterwards wife of Winfrid Burrows, now Bishop of Chichester.] (a clever creature she is, tho' so quiet and unself-asserting) takes no end of interest in politics, and said to me, "I should like to hear the Government side* well put. Papa, you know, does not get up foreign politics; indeed, I have beaten him myself about them!" We did not, however, go much into the matter—the thing is rather too serious with Mr. Balfour, viewing the imputations, from which we cannot think his uncle Ld. Salisbury has cleared himself, of want of truth. Mr. Balfour, meanwhile, is as delightful as usual.

*(of the E.Q. [FN: I.e. Eastern Question.])

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