Monday, February 21, 2011

03Mar1879, Algernon Howard's Secession to Rome

LONDON, March 3st–April 6th, 1879.
—Fri. Lucia Bagot, Adine Murray, and Gussy Noel dined and went to S. Anne's with me. In the middle of dinner in marched Rosalind Howard to see me, in excellent looks and high force; she rubbed me up the wrong way by talking in a cheerful airy way about her brother Algernon's secession to Rome, which has been a grief to me. It does not mend matters to hear his justification of himself according to Rosalind; viz., that he has given the Church of England "a fair trial" (having been 12 years in Orders) and finds he can't be happy. Who but a Stanley of tender years would thus composedly weigh himself in the balances against a Church 1,000 years old, and settle that she must be renounced because he is uncomfortable!!

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