Monday, February 21, 2011

21Apr1879, Campbell Engagments

LONDON, April 21st-27th, 1879.
—Saturday. Went to Campden Hill to see the D. of Argyll, who has just come back from Cannes. Curious strong friendship and affection has sprung up between him and Amelia Anson; out of their two great griefs, no doubt, yet it sets one wondering. He talked of little else; except inquiries about Uncle Charles [FN: Charles Howard, (brother of Lord F.'s mother), M.P. for East Cumberland, father of the 9th Earl of Carlisle.] The girls were very dear to me, especially Victoria, who especially attracts me: they spoke most warmly of Uncle Charles, who will be a great loss to them.

The 2 engaged couples were in the drawing-room — Frances (Campbell) and Eustace Balfour, and George and his pretty little lady, Sybil ______ [FN: The name is blank. Lady George Campbell was Miss Sybil Alexander.]; the Duchess knew and liked both Eustace and Sybil. Strange to see the new blossoming happiness in that house so full of a haunting memory.

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