Monday, February 21, 2011

05May1879, Queen Called Over the Coals

LONDON, May 5th-11th, 1879.
—A horrid debate in the H. of Commons brought on by Mr. Dillwyn, who gave notice of a motion blaming the Queen herself for certain letters and telegrams she has sent (in one Lady Frere was supposed to be aimed at). This scandalous way of putting the Queen as it were on the floor of the House of Commons, to be called over the coals, is a pleasing feature of our Dizzian régime. It is much believed that she has used undue influence in support of Sir Bartle and Ld. Chelmsford; but if she has, who is to blame? Dizzy and nobody else; for so long giving her her head and coaxing up in her ideas of prerogative which she would never have dreamt of but for him. Constitutionally, and every way, therefore, he ought to be hung, and nobody else, for any freaks H.M. plays d'après his guidance. However, Mr. Dillwyn seems to have taken fright at his own coup d'état, and turned the motion without notice into what was virtually one of want of confidence in the Government.

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