Monday, February 21, 2011

10Mar1879, Fire at Granville's

OXFORD, AND LONDON, March 10th-16th, 1879.
Lavinia busy in Committee, sending out circulars about the Ladies' Hall, so Mary and I went off to luncheon with Willy Grenfell [FN: Now Lord Desborough.]. Poor fellow, he has overstrained his heart rowing, and has had to give up both it and reading for honours. How one would grudge the latter! especially as he is clever....

Back to London refreshed in spirit. Heard on Monday that the poor Lord Granvilles, while out driving to see Ly. Russell with their children Sunday, had the attic floor of their house burnt! 15 fire-engines put it out and sadly ruined the walls and the rest of the house, but everything moveable was saved, except poor Ly. G.'s best gowns and lace. I hoped she would send the children to us, or that they would come themselves; but other folks carried them off, and we only put up 6 maids and no end of pictures, etc.

—Wednesday. Cavendish's 2nd drum.

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