Thursday, March 03, 2011

30Mar1881, Another Adventure With Horses

LONDON, March 30th, 1881.
—Miss Lilley came to see me, and we went together to Lady Jane Lindsay's, and trolled over a proposed Scarlet Fever Convalescent Home with a nice wilder-woman, Mrs. Clifton. Before this I had an event au beau milieu of St. James' St., the horse falling down, getting up again in a panic, and kicking and plunging till it looked like complete smash of either himself, brougham, or sundry human beings. Nothing worse happened than shivered shafts, thank God. It is my 4th adventure with horses in London: my come-down in Rotten Row, my knock-over ditto, and the kicking of Meriel's horses on the famous occasion when Sir Robt. Peel and Lord Huntly flew to the rescue.

-31st. Poor old Dizzy is very ill with gouty bronchial asthma.

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