Friday, March 04, 2011

03Apr1882, Preparing a Peggy for Confirmation

LONDON, April 3rd-9th, 1882.
—Did not get away till Wednesday; so had the immense treat of S. Matthew's Passion-music in S. Paul's Cathedral on Tues. Every corner of the Church, galleries and all, filled with the throngs of people — their behaviour devout and most attentive. The music far greater than the S. John, tho' the S. John has special beauty of its own. Mazy , Nevy, and Arthur came with me, A. and Kath. being up for a bit.

— Wednesday, April 5th. Nevy and I to St. Paul's again, for Mattins at 10. Came home afterwards for a final lesson with my peggy [FN: I.e maid-servant] whom I am preparing for Confirmation. We got to Holker at 9. Found the Duke alone, but Eddy's and boys come Thursday. Services very well attended both at Cartmel and Flookburgh.

—Good Friday. F. and I went to Flookb.—they sang "The Story of the Cross" beautifully. Lovely day as usual; and so was Easter Day.

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