Tuesday, March 01, 2011

23Feb1881, Courage to Tackle the Queen

LONDON, February 23rd, 1881.
—Escorted Princess Louise over the Kensington High School, where Medge is a pupil; great excitement of all concerned. She did it very kindly and thoroughly, a la Royale. In the afternoon she was to have had tea in Downing St., but didn't. A very pleasant little party there enjoyed themselves nevertheless: Ly. Bath, Freddy Leveson, Mr. Lowell the American Minister, Charlotte Spencer. Uncle W. high-gee having gone at the Queen about Ash Wednesday. H.M. had fixed a Council at Windsor for that day at a church-going hour, and neither Althorp [FN: I.e. Lord Spencer] nor Ld. Granville had the courage to tackle her! Uncle W. did, however, with perfect success; H.M. thanking him politely and fixing the hour much later.

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