Friday, March 04, 2011

18Jun1881, Dear Little Ethel Fane

BROCKET, June 18th, 1881.
—To Brocket. Sunday 19th. Lovely day in this delicious umbrageous place. Made great acquaintance with the dear little body Ethel Fane,[FN: Now Lady Desborough] aged 14, Henry Cowper's orphan niece. She has her mother's pretty dark eyes. We had no end of topics in common, being equal lovers of Miss Yonge, and I did enjoy the little body's intense enthusiasm and great discernment, coupled with very pretty modesty. She is a loving little Churchwoman, and I trust may influence her uncle (who adores her) as she grows older. The odd couple, Auberon Herbert and his wife, are here, with 3 very taking children and a baby. Auberon less of a bore than as I remember him 100 years ago buttonholing Uncle W. at Hawarden: Lady Florence very nice. Ly. Lymington, Ch. Clifford, and the Giotto Trevelyans [FN: A name she gives to Sir George Otto and Lady Trevelyan.] also here.

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