Thursday, March 03, 2011

04Jun1881, Deliciously Together

BONN, June 4th, 1881.
—Having squeezed in nineteen baths [FN: Lady Frederick had been taking baths at Kreuznach.] I felt I might go off and meet F. at Bonn on Saturday; he has only four nights to spare, poor wretch, as evil fate has put Supply down first thing on Thursday.... Then came the joyful moment of meeting my Fred at the station about 3. Drove off deliciously together after he had had some supper, to Godesberg: it's rather a cockney drive, but he loved the sweet air. . . . He has brought out with him, to my delight, the new Revised Version of the N.T. It has been all but 11 years in hand, and ought to have had on the fly-leaf, "Revised 1870 to 1881," instead of the latter date alone. The Bp. of Gloucester, in introducing it to Convocation, gave an interesting account of the immense elaboration and minute pains bestowed on it. I should think it had been overdone, and that translation, like original work, ought to have some instinctiveness about it.

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