Monday, February 28, 2011

09Jan1881, Bulwer-Lytton Defends Afghanistan Policy

LONDON, January 9th, 1881.
—I went to the H. of Lords, where Ld. Lytton was ill-advised enough to attempt a defence of the Afghanistan policy. His speech was fluent and clever, but he had not a leg to stand on, and oddly enough did not defend himself, as his notice prepared us for; but went on the old dead anti-Russian ground. He was followed by the D. of Argyll, who, with perhaps unnecessary fire, demolished and scattered him to the winds in a most brilliant, condensed, and perfect little speech of only of an hour. (This was the last time I saw Dizzy.) The House much interested and edified, I believe, but as usual quite incapable of showing its feelings at all; it must be like speaking to people "hard of hearing" and asleep.

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