Tuesday, March 01, 2011

15Feb1881, Training Boys to Honour Women

LONDON, February 15th, 1881.
Auntie P. and I went to hear that wonderful woman, Miss Ellice Hopkins, speak on how to save little girls from the horrors they are exposed to, and generally on the spirit with which all should be inspired to fight against the terrible "social evil." [FN: I have seen a beautiful letter which Lady Frederick wrote to one of her godsons, a young naval officer, on this subject, calling upon him never to believe that a pure life is impossible and to remember it is only by a better example among officers that a higher tone can be brought about among the men of either the Navy or the Army.] Much was of course unutterably painful and shocking, but her own Christlike spirit of pure love of souls was more striking than I can say and she held me spellbound. The main principle (never to be forgotten) that she urged, was the training boys from their very childhood to honour all women and, as they grow up, to loathe any thought of bringing any woman to shame, or helping to keep her there. And she spoke strong' words — not one bit too strong — against the devilish opinion of the lost and miserable class of women being a "necessity." A strong impulse came over me to write to darling Alfred, now he is in the thick of London life, both social and professional, to beg him to use that sunny influence of his for good in these directions.

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