Sunday, February 27, 2011

12Dec1880, Aunt Looty

KEBLE COLLEGE, December 12th, 1880.
—Little May [FN: May Talbot: now wife of Very Rev. Lionel Ford, Dean of York.] is as quaint as ever, but more gentle and feminine, with a pathetic little voice, no end of fun, and very affectionate. The following scene took place as I was reading by the fire and she came up to me. May: "Aunt Looty got crinkles on oo forehead!" Aunt Looty: "Yes, and I'm afraid they won't rub out." May: "What, not with wingy-wubber?" and she fetched a bit and tried very hard; but, alas, it was a case of the leopard and his spots. The boys are big bouncers: Edward exactly like Bob, with Warden's little blue eyes ! no beauty certainly, except lovely reddish hair; Neville a handsome, dark-eyed fellow, rather like Gertrude's little Charlie.

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