Friday, March 04, 2011

19Mar1882, A Darby and Joan Afternoon

LATIMER, March 19th, 1882.
—To Latimer, finding Duke of Westminster, May Lascelles, and the family; including Will, grown into such a fine tall fellow. Poor Ld. Chesham in very precarious health, but pretty well and very cheerful. Sunday lovely and mild as usual: F. and I had a Darby and Joan afternoon walk and pickt primroses and white violets; wild strawberry blossom and daffodils are out. We suspected nothing (who would have thought such a thing likely!), but heard afterwards that the Duke and Katie Cavendish settled after morning Church to marry each other. 32 years between them!... But he is so delightful, that I don't wonder at Katie. I set my cap at him myself and altogether showed marked want of tact.

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