Wednesday, March 02, 2011

28Mar1881, The Russian Tragedy

LONDON, March 28th, 1881.
—Drawing Room distressing from the age and wizziness or blowsiness of my friends! Ly. Clifden, with her fairly nice-looking daughter to present, has grown huge and almost ugly. Saw my old flames, once so lovely, Ly. Feversham and Nelly Baring (each with daughters), sadly worsified both. The Royalties looked sadly grim, in blackest black; how ghastly it must be to be undergoing a Court mummery with their poor hearts all full of the Russian tragedy! The D. and Dss. of Edinburgh went off to S. Petersb. the very day of the murder,[FN: The assassination of the Emperor Alexander II.] and the P. and Prss. of Wales have gone to the Funeral. Most plucky, when there can be no sort of security against their being blown up all together. After the drawing-room I drove to Clapham and gave away prizes to the "Middle School" there.

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