Friday, March 04, 2011

06Nov1881, The Comfort of his Life

HAWARDEN, November 6th, 1881.
—Eaton [FN: The new house of the Duke of Westminster, a few miles from Hawarden.] meanwhile beautiful but bewildering; no end of rich and good detail; and the little semi-detached "living-house" very snug. But it's too great a conglomeration. Sibell Grosvenor and Bibi Cavendish did the honours; the Duke we only saw for a minute. Sibell a most engaging creature, and the comfort of his life: her poor husband gets worse rather than better. She has 2 blooming pretty little girls; but the poor tiny boy [FN: The present Duke of Westminster.] is a sad sight; so inanimate and waxen, tho' nothing ostensibly wrong.

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