Friday, March 04, 2011

19Sep1881, President Garfield Dies

HOLKER, September 19th, 1881.
—On the 19th President Garfield died, after a marvellous struggle for life of — weeks. A few days ago he was moved from Washington to fresher and purer air, the great heat having tried him; and he did not seem the worse for the journey which was managed with immense care and tenderness. The post-mortem reveals that there was no chance of his recovery from the first; the bullet was in quite a different place from what the doctors thought, and there were frightful signs of blood-poisoning. He must have lived on by dint of sheer vitality, and of calmness and courage; also his poor wife's devotion and sanguineness seem to have kept him alive. The Queen has telegraphed her sympathy and inquiries constantly, to the intense gratification of the Americans, and has now sent a very touching message to Mrs. Garfield.

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