Friday, March 04, 2011

19Dec1881, All the Schoolboys at Home

CHATSWORTH, December 19th, 1881.
—All the schoolboys at home: Wm. frightfully big, with the dawn of a moustache and a gruff voice!! Fritz, tho' quite a little boy still, has launched in life, passing 9th out of 82 who went in for the Britannia entrance exam, and that without any special cramming or coaching. From quite a dot he was always a steady worker, with a great notion of doing what was to be done. Victor, poor dear, a very strong development of the family "mouton qui rêve" countenance; but he may be a comely man yet, as he will be tall and long-legged, if he acquires a good big beard. Dick laid up with a feverish cold: he is rather a pretty fellow and very taking.

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