Saturday, March 28, 2009

31May1865, A Visit to Sir J. Paxton

LONDON, May 31st, 1865.
—We had a delightful drive with Lou in the open carriage to Sydenham, to see Sir J. Paxton [FN: Architect of the Crystal Palace ; originally superintendent of the gardens at Chatsworth.] (who is ill). How we did talk ! and how pleasant it was in the balmy summer beauty. Poor Sir Joseph shocked me terribly with his changed looks. He seemed very weak and low at first, but was brightened up a good deal by our visit. He by no means approved of Eddy's marriage ! His little house under the shadow of his great Palace was lovely with verandah and garden : and married daughters with him. Derby day, so the carriage was well yelled after by swarms of little ragamuffins.

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