Monday, March 23, 2009

18May1865, Princess Helena Holds a Drawing-room

LONDON, May 18th, 1865.
—I awoke with a sense of household cares such as I used sometimes to have at dear old Hagley, but they melted a good deal away on my conversing with Ross and the peccant but candid Eliza. The next thing is the Drawing-room whereat Aunt Fanny presented me on my marriage. I went in gorgeous array of white lace (my wdding lace) and white moiré train, with my beautiful diamond tiara on my head, and felt every inch a married woman. Princess Helena held the Drawing-room for the Queen, who has held 5 "Courts" this year, but is a little perverse (I must use the word) in refusing to hold Drawing-rooms, which are much less exertion. Carry Lawley [FN: Daughter of Lord Wenlock.] and Mary Wortley [FN: Afterwards wife of the 2nd Earl of Lovelace. The two girls were cousins of each other and of Lady Frederick] were brought out : Carry is very handsome, towering above her jenny-wren of a mother.

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