Saturday, March 28, 2009

03Jun1865, Chatsworth in June

CHATSWORTH, June 3rd, 1865.
This place in autumn, beautiful as I thought it in 3 successive Novembers, gave me no notion of what it would be in June. After breakfast I coaxed Fred out with me ; and we walked about the garden in a maze of loveliness ; rhododendrons and azaleas, in wonderful beauty ; the shrubs all crowned with their spring shoots, the young fern in curl, the hyacinths ! "It seemed the heavens upbreaking through the earth" : birds and bees filling the air with sweet sounds ; the distance soft blue, and all the intervening country varied green : such a walk it was ! Drove with Lou and the ponies Friar and Nun to the stand and the Warren. It all was. Fiz delighted to see us. Gipsy and Moy in good health. We had tea with them in the Granville corner. Evening papers brought the good news of the Princess of Wales' 2nd baby [FN: King George V.]; another little Prince ; born soon after 1 a.m. this morning after she had undergone a concert ! It is 6 weeks earlier than was expected ; curious, a 2nd premature baby. Willy has made a good, spirited modest speech at Chester : and is patted on the back by the Spectator. Uncle W. went there to back him.

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